Chemical Physics Reviews (CPR) features articles on important and emerging topics of interest to the chemical physics community. Articles published in CPR focus on experimental and theoretical research of fundamental issues in chemical physics and its applications in other branches of science, medicine, and engineering. CPR publishes the following types of articles:

Original Research: Articles reporting an important and novel research study of high quality and general interest to the chemical physics community.

Authors who submit research articles are required to provide a cover letter. A cover letter should include information about the manuscript, gap of knowledge the study intends to fill, novelty and significance of the results, appeal for CPR’s broad readership, and a list of related works by the authors. Authors should also include a statement indicating that the manuscript not currently under consideration by another journal and that all authors approve of the submission. Original Research articles should contain a Methods section, which includes the elements required for the interpretation and replication of results, and a statement that confirms the authors obtained necessary ethics approval (or a statement that ethics approval is not required).

Reviews: Articles can be either an authoritative and comprehensive review of an established area, or a short, timely review covering an emerging area or recent advance in an established field of chemical physics.

The majority of review articles in CPR are by invitation. Authors who wish to submit a review article without invitation must provide:

  • a strong case for why their review is timely and of interest to the readership of CPR
  • substantial evidence that they are recognized as top experts in the field and that they are highly qualified to write the review
  • an editorial summary with their article for consideration by the editors.

Authors should download the CPR editorial summary template and submit the completed form to

ISSN: 2688-4070