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Current Issue
Volume 4,
Issue 3,
September 2023

Focus and Coverage

Chemical Physics Reviews is a new journal featuring research articles and authoritative reviews covering all areas of chemical physics. The journal publishes research studies of high quality and comprehensive review articles of new and emerging areas of interest to the chemical physics community. CPR's focus includes experimental and theoretical research of fundamental issues in chemical physics and its applications in other branches of science, medicine, and engineering.

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Most Recent
Review Article
Claire C. Carlin, Alan X. Dai et al.
Plasmonic photocatalysis uses the light-induced resonant oscillation of free electrons in a metal nanoparticle to concentrate optical energy for driving chemical reactions. By altering the joint ...
Review Article
Winda Devina, Iyan Subiyanto et al.
Nanomaterials synthesized through laser irradiation have numerous applications in the field of energy storage and conversion. Conventional methods for fabricating nanomaterials often involve extended ...
Review Article
Wissem Khelifi, Christine K. Luscombe
This mini-review discusses the progress made in the development of polymerized small-molecule acceptors (PSMAs) for use in all-polymer solar cells (all-PSCs). These PSMAs combine the advantages of ...
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