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Electronic Noise: From Advanced Materials to Quantum Technologies

This Special Issue on Electronic Noise — From Advanced Materials to Quantum Technologies will include recent developments in experimental and theoretical aspects of electronic noise and fluctuation processes across a wide spectrum of scientific and technological fields. The investigation of noise is indispensable for the understanding of the physical processes in various nanoscale, microscopic, and macroscopic systems, making the science of fluctuations and noise one of the most important parts of applied physics. The Special Issue will cover all fundamental types of electronic noise, including low-frequency 1/f noise, shot noise, generation-recombination, and thermal noise (f is the frequency). Despite having been discovered about a century ago, 1/f noise is still an intriguing phenomenon, and the advent of quantum technologies has brought renewed interest to the field. The efficiency of future devices for quantum information processing is often limited by material-inherent noise sources with the 1/f-type spectrum. Quantum noise spectroscopy, including high-order spectral estimation, and machine learning approaches are promising tools for microscopic modeling of decoherence dynamics and noise-optimized quantum control. While electronic noise is often detrimental to the device performance and needs to be reduced, it can also be used as the source of information about material quality, electronic transport, temperature, fractionally charged quasiparticles, or recombination and relaxation processes.

Guest Editors: Alexander A. Balandin, Elisabetta Paladino, and Pertti Hakonen

Special Collection Image
Aaryan Mehra; Roshan Jesus Mathew; Chandan Kumar
J. M. Iglesias; E. Pascual; S. García-Sánchez; R. Rengel
M. Hübler; W. Belzig
M. Kȩpa; N. Focke; Ł. Cywiński; J. A. Krzywda
M. Kȩpa; Ł. Cywiński; J. A. Krzywda
Y. Raffel; R. Olivo; M. Simon; L. Vieler; R. Hoffmann; S. De; T. Kämpfe; K. Seidel; M. Lederer
Narumitsu Ikeda; Dai Akita; Hirokazu Takahashi
Weijun Zeng; Kirsi Tappura; Masahiro Kamada; Antti Laitinen; Heikki Seppä; Pertti Hakonen
Minglei Tang; Lining Liu; Chunyang Jia; Songhao Wu; Young Jin Lee; Guodong Wang; Yuanxiao Ma; Dae-Woo Jeon; Ji-Hyeon Park; Yiyun Zhang; Xiaoyan Yi; Yeliang Wang; Junxi Wang; Jinmin Li
Léopold Van Brandt; Jean-Charles Delvenne
C. Paradis; P. Février; E. Pinsolle; B. Reulet
Wonjun Shin; Jihyun Shin; Jong-Ho Lee; Hocheon Yoo; Sung-Tae Lee
Francesco M. D. Pellegrino; Giuseppe Falci; Elisabetta Paladino
Chengru Gu; Qianlan Hu; Qijun Li; Shenwu Zhu; Jiyang Kang; Yanqing Wu
R. Behrle; M. Sistani; A. Lugstein; Z. Sadre Momtaz; M. I. den Hertog; D. Pogany; W. M. Weber
Wenzheng Dong; Gerardo A. Paz-Silva; Lorenza Viola
Owen Gauthier; Sébastien Haendler; Quentin Rafhay; Christoforos Theodorou
Chen Hua (陈华); 陈华; Zhang Yanjun (张彦军); 张彦军; He Liang (何亮); 何亮
José Alberto Nava Aquino; Rogério de Sousa
Artem Litvinenko; Akash Kumar; Mona Rajabali; Ahmad A. Awad; Roman Khymyn; Johan Åkerman
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