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Non-Classical Light Emitters and Single-Photon Detectors

Quantum photonic applications such as photonic quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing require highly sophisticated non-classical light sources and high-efficiency single-photon detectors. The light sources should be able to deliver triggered single- and entangled photon pairs or even photonic cluster states with superior properties i.e., high brightness, high purity, high fidelity and a high degree of photon indistinguishability. The single-photon detectors should possess high quantum efficiency, high time-resolution, short dead times, low noise and ideally photon-number resolution.

The Special Topic aims to provide researchers and students with the newest development in these rapidly evolving research fields. We welcome papers that highlight recent breakthrough and improvements on single quantum emitters such as atoms, ions, molecules, color centers in solids, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, defects in two-dimensional systems and studies on single-photon detectors, for example single nanowire superconducting single-photon detectors and avalanche diodes.

This attractive collection of papers will strengthen connections between atomic, molecule and condensed matter physics, quantum optics, and photonic engineering. Linking these complementary communities will be of crucial importance for the future development of multidisciplinary quantum photonics.

Guest Editors: Peter Michler, Sven Höfling, Christoph Becher, Wolfram Pernice, Costanza Toninelli, and Jin Liu

Special Collection Image
Michael Hoese; Michael K. Koch; Felix Breuning; Niklas Lettner; Konstantin G. Fehler; Alexander Kubanek
Christoph Becher; Sven Höfling; Jin Liu; Peter Michler; Wolfram Pernice; Costanza Toninelli
L. Rickert; F. Schröder; T. Gao; C. Schneider; S. Höfling; T. Heindel
Saimon Filipe Covre da Silva; Gabriel Undeutsch; Barbara Lehner; Santanu Manna; Tobias M. Krieger; Marcus Reindl; Christian Schimpf; Rinaldo Trotta; Armando Rastelli
Mark Anthony Carroll; Giampaolo D'Alessandro; Gian Luca Lippi; Gian-Luca Oppo; Francesco Papoff
Jiho Park; Jinhyuk Bae; Heonoh Kim; Han Seb Moon
Minho Choi; Sejeong Kim; Sunghan Choi; Yong-Hoon Cho
G. Cerchiari; G. Araneda; L. Podhora; L. Slodička; Y. Colombe; R. Blatt
Raphael Holzinger; Maria Moreno-Cardoner; Helmut Ritsch
C. Nawrath; H. Vural; J. Fischer; R. Schaber; S. L. Portalupi; M. Jetter; P. Michler
Yanan Wang; Jaesung Lee; Jesse Berezovsky; Philip X.-L. Feng
Cem Güney Torun; Philipp-Immanuel Schneider; Martin Hammerschmidt; Sven Burger; Joseph H. D. Munns; Tim Schröder
Xin Cao; Jingzhong Yang; Pengji Li; Yiteng Zhang; Eddy P. Rugeramigabo; Benedikt Brechtken; Rolf J. Haug; Michael Zopf; Fei Ding
Chao Guo; Jia-Bin You; Zhanxu Chen; Wenbo Zhang; Qian Zhao; Zhang-Kai Zhou
A. Musiał; M. Mikulicz; P. Mrowiński; A. Zielińska; P. Sitarek; P. Wyborski; M. Kuniej; J. P. Reithmaier; G. Sęk; M. Benyoucef
Yasuto Hijikata; Shota Komori; Shunsuke Otojima; Yu-Ichiro Matsushita; Takeshi Ohshima
P. Räcke; L. Pietzonka; J. Meijer; D. Spemann; R. Wunderlich
Pietro Lombardi; Maja Colautti; Rocco Duquennoy; Ghülam Murtaza; Prosenjit Majumder; Costanza Toninelli
Saptarshi Kotal; Alberto Artioli; Yujing Wang; Andreas Dyhl Osterkryger; Matteo Finazzer; Romain Fons; Yann Genuist; Joël Bleuse; Jean-Michel Gérard; Niels Gregersen; Julien Claudon
Gregor G. Taylor; Dmitry V. Morozov; Ciaran T. Lennon; Peter S. Barry; Calder Sheagren; Robert H. Hadfield
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