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Dimensional Scaling of Material Functional Properties to meet Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) Challenges

Dimensional scaling of materials dramatically modifies their properties. In the case of CMOS electronics, dimensional scaling of feature sizes on the chip offered decades of performance gains in digital computing. However, to further push CMOS scaling in the presence of severe short-channel effects will require new approaches of material and device design with improved performance such as development of new materials with weaker scaling laws or completely different conduction mechanisms. New breakthroughs in interconnect and memory will require advances in theory and modeling, material synthesis, nanodevice fabrication, and characterization, ranging from the material level to the device and module levels.

Guest Editors: Shaloo Rakheja, Zhihong Chen, and Ching-Tzu Chen

Special Collection Image
Shaloo Rakheja; Zhihong Chen; Ching-Tzu Chen
Xiaoyu Huang; Chun-Yao Niu; Aihua Wang; Yuling Song; Yu Jia
Xinge Huang; Yizhu Shen; Sanming Hu
Piyush Kumar; Azad Naeemi
Gangtae Jin; Hyeuk Jin Han; James L. Hart; Quynh P. Sam; Mehrdad T. Kiani; David J. Hynek; Vicky Hasse; Claudia Felser; Judy J. Cha
B. Kumari; R. Sharma; M. Sahoo
Tong Wu; Jing Guo
Tianji Zhou; Atharv Jog; Daniel Gall
Shu-Jui Chang; Shin-Yuan Wang; Yu-Che Huang; Jia Hao Chih; Yu-Ting Lai; Yi-Wei Tsai; Jhih-Min Lin; Chao-Hsin Chien; Ying-Tsan Tang; Chenming Hu
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