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Charge-Density-Wave Quantum Materials and Devices

The charge-density-wave (CDW) phase is a macroscopic quantum state consisting of a periodic modulation of the electronic charge density accompanied by a periodic distortion of the atomic lattice. Unconventional forms of superconductivity frequently emerge from a CDW phase hence the fundamental interest. The early work on CDW effects was performed with bulk samples, which have quasi-one-dimensional (1D) crystal structures of strongly bound 1D atomic chains that are weakly bound together by van-der-Waals forces. Many spectacular observations were made — nonlinear transport, oscillating electric current for time independent voltages, effects analogous to the Josephson effect observed in superconductors, giant dielectric response, by-stable conducting states, just to mention a few. Recent years witnessed a rebirth of the CDW field found in layered quasi-two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals materials and, in some cases CDW manifestation at room temperature (RT) and above. The interest to quasi-1D CDW materials has also reemerged due to recent finding of topological nontriviality of many of them. Despite numerous open physics questions, the CDW quantum materials field is rapidly evolving towards applied physics and engineering domains with application potential for amplifiers, detectors, memory, optoelectronic devices, information processing and radiation-hard electronics.

Guest Editors: Alexander A. Balandin, George Grüner, and Sergei V. Zaitsev-Zotov

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Alexander A. Balandin; Sergei V. Zaitsev-Zotov; George Grüner
Michael A. Altvater; Nikhil Tilak; Skandaprasad Rao; Guohong Li; Choong-Jae Won; Sang-Wook Cheong; Eva Y. Andrei
Fei-Hu Liu; Wei Fu; Ying-Hua Deng; Zi-Bo Yuan; Li-Na Wu
Natalia V. Morozova; Igor V. Korobeynikov; Elena G. Shkvarina; Alexey A. Titov; Alexander N. Titov; Sergey V. Ovsyannikov
D. Mihailovic; D. Svetin; I. Vaskivskyi; R. Venturini; B. Lipovšek; A. Mraz
S. A. Nikonov; S. G. Zybtsev; V. Ya. Pokrovskii
Weijian Li; Gururaj V. Naik
A. V. Frolov; A. P. Orlov; D. M. Voropaev; A. Hadj-Azzem; A. A. Sinchenko; P. Monceau
Bal K. Pokharel; Yuxin Wang; J. Jaroszynski; T. Sasagawa; Dragana Popović
M. V. Nikitin; S. G. Zybtsev; V. Ya. Pokrovskii; B. A. Loginov
G. Storeck; K. Rossnagel; C. Ropers
A. Mohammadzadeh; A. Rehman; F. Kargar; S. Rumyantsev; J. M. Smulko; W. Knap; R. K. Lake; A. A. Balandin
M. D. Randle; A. Lipatov; I. Mansaray; J. E. Han; A. Sinitskii; J. P. Bird
S. A. Nikonov; S. G. Zybtsev; A. A. Maizlakh; V. Ya. Pokrovskii
J. J. Gao; W. H. Zhang; J. G. Si; X. Luo; J. Yan; Z. Z. Jiang; W. Wang; H. Y. Lv; P. Tong; W. H. Song; X. B. Zhu; W. J. Lu; Y. Yin; Y. P. Sun
A. V. Frolov; A. P. Orlov; F. Gay; A. A. Sinchenko; P. Monceau
Martin Lee; Makars Šiškins; Samuel Mañas-Valero; Eugenio Coronado; Peter G. Steeneken; Herre S. J. van der Zant
John H. Miller, Jr.; M. Y. Suárez-Villagrán
Amirmahdi Mohammadzadeh; Saba Baraghani; Shenchu Yin; Fariborz Kargar; Jonathan P. Bird; Alexander A. Balandin
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