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Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials and Metasurfaces

The paradigm of metamaterials, in which engineered structures are used to control wave propagation and transport, are applicable to a wide range of dynamical systems. First conceived for electromagnetics, the field now finds extremely wide applicability in controlling mechanical wave propagation including acoustic waves in fluids and elastic waves in solids. The past decade of research in these areas has delivered many advances, pushing the field from its origins in phononic crystals, negative refractive index metamaterials, and transformation acoustics to the breadth of topics being pursued at present. This Special Topic aims to further advance acoustic and elastic metamaterials research across all areas of the field through new theoretical concepts and metamaterial design approaches, new experimental implementations and demonstrations, and new devices and applications.

Guest Editors: Steven Cummer, Vincent Tournat, Chiara Daraio, and Jensen Li

Special Collection Image
A. Srikantha Phani
Yeongtae Jang; Geon Lee; Eunho Kim; Junsuk Rho
Zhenkun Lin; Yuning Zhang; K. W. Wang; Serife Tol
Janghoon Kang; Michael R. Haberman
Mohamed Farhat; Sebastien Guenneau; Pai-Yen Chen; Ying Wu
Hayato Takeda; Eikai Murakami; Motonobu Tomoda; Osamu Matsuda; Kentaro Fujita; Oliver B. Wright
Simon Yves; Yu-Gui Peng; Andrea Alù
Marie Touboul; Philip A. Cotterill; David Nigro; William J. Parnell
Dylan A. Kovacevich; Bogdan-Ioan Popa
Majid Kheybari; Chiara Daraio; Osama R. Bilal
Yi Zeng; Liyun Cao; Sheng Wan; Tong Guo; Shuowei An; Yan-Feng Wang; Qiu-Jiao Du; Brice Vincent; Yue-Sheng Wang; Badreddine Assouar
Wen-Ting Gao; Chenwen Yang; Yu-Tao Tan; Jie Ren
Arvind Krishna; Steven R. Craig; Chengzhi Shi; V. Roshan Joseph
Élie Chéron; Simon Félix; Jean-Philippe Groby; Vincent Pagneux; Vicente Romero-García
Han Zhou; Amr Baz
Kshiteej J. Deshmukh; Graeme W. Milton
Wen Cheng; Gengkai Hu
Yuqi Jin; Teng Yang; Tae-Youl Choi; Narendra B. Dahotre; Arup Neogi; Arkadii Krokhin
Zhi-Lei Zhang; Shi-Feng Li; Xin Li; Xin-Ye Zou; Jian-Chun Cheng
Yabin Jin; Wenxin Zhong; Runcheng Cai; Xiaoying Zhuang; Yan Pennec; Bahram Djafari-Rouhani
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