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2D Transistors

Semiconducting two-dimensional (2D) materials have proved to be a rich playground for fundamental exploration as well as development of new technologies. One important area of research has been the production of 2D transistor structures that may in their time replace or supplement silicon transistors. In their Perspective "How good are 2D Transistors? An application-specific benchmarking study," authors Hattan Abuzaid, Nicholas X. Williams, and Aaron D. Franklin draw from recently reported advances in the literature, including papers brought together in this collection, and provide an assessment of the field's development.

Guest Editor: Aaron D. Franklin

Special Collection Image
Hattan Abuzaid; Nicholas X. Williams; Aaron D. Franklin
Benjamin M. Kupp; Gang Qiu; Yixiu Wang; Clayton B. Casper; Thomas M. Wallis; Joanna M. Atkin; Wenzhuo Wu; Peide D. Ye; Pavel Kabos; Samuel Berweger
Da Li; Byunghoon Ryu; Xiaogan Liang
Kei Takeyama; Rai Moriya; Kenji Watanabe; Satoru Masubuchi; Takashi Taniguchi; Tomoki Machida
Pegah S. Mirabedini; Bishwajit Debnath; Mahesh R. Neupane; P. Alex Greaney; A. Glen Birdwell; Dmitry Ruzmetov; Kevin G. Crawford; Pankaj Shah; James Weil; Tony. G. Ivanov
Bei Jiang; Hao Huang; Rui Chen; Guoli Li; Denis Flandre; Da Wan; Xue Chen; Xingqiang Liu; Cong Ye; Lei Liao
Hojoon Ryu; Kai Xu; Dawei Li; Xia Hong; Wenjuan Zhu
Guangyao Wang; Wenjie Deng; Xiaoqing Chen; Peng Wang; Yu Xiao; Jingfeng Li; Feihong Chu; Beiyun Liu; Yongfeng Chen; Yue Lu; Manling Sui; Zhihong Liu; Xungang Diao; Hui Yan; Yongzhe Zhang
Byung Chul Lee; Chul Min Kim; Soojin Kim; Gyu-Tae Kim; Min-Kyu Joo
Mikaël Cassé; Bruna Cardoso Paz; Gérard Ghibaudo; Thierry Poiroux; Emmanuel Vincent; Philippe Galy; André Juge; Fred Gaillard; Silvano de Franceschi; Tristan Meunier; Maud Vinet
Natasha Goyal; David M. A. Mackenzie; Vishal Panchal; Himani Jawa; Olga Kazakova; Dirch Hjorth Petersen; Saurabh Lodha
Pin-Chun Shen; Chungwei Lin; Haozhe Wang; Koon Hoo Teo; Jing Kong
Zhonghan Cao; Fanrong Lin; Gu Gong; Hao Chen; Jens Martin
Hyun Wook Shin; Sung-Hoon Lee; Jong Yeog Son
Siyuan Zhang; Son T. Le; Curt A. Richter; Christina A. Hacker
Woong Choi; Demin Yin; Sooho Choo; Seok-Hwan Jeong; Hyuk-Jun Kwon; Youngki Yoon; Sunkook Kim
Dongjea Seo; Dong Yun Lee; Junyoung Kwon; Jea Jung Lee; Takashi Taniguchi; Kenji Watanabe; Gwan-Hyoung Lee; Keun Soo Kim; James Hone; Young Duck Kim; Heon-Jin Choi
N. Zagni; P. Pavan; M. A. Alam
Maokun Wu; Pan Liu; Baojuan Xin; Luyan Li; Hong Dong; Yahui Cheng; Weichao Wang; Feng Lu; Kyeongjae Cho; Wei-Hua Wang; Hui Liu
John Robertson; Daniel Blomdahl; Kazi Islam; Timothy Ismael; Maxwell Woody; Jacqueline Failla; Michael Johnson; Xiaodong Zhang; Matthew Escarra
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