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Advances in Measurements and Instrumentation Leveraging Embedded Systems

The definition of "embedded system" is quite broad, but it could be summarized as a single-board system, which, in addition to peripherals, also includes a firmware for local digital data processing. Although the term is often associated with the progresses made in the field of software engineering, one cannot ignore the technological advances made in the field of electronics, without which embedded systems would not exist. The scope of this Special Topic is to collect contributions on the state of the art, history and possible future development of embedded systems, highlighting the role of electronics and how the field of electronic measurements and instrumentation is influenced by these ubiquitous devices.

Guest editors: Marco Carminati and Graziella Scandurra

Special Collection Image
M. Carminati; G. Scandurra
A. Leoni; P. Esposito; V. Stornelli; G. Saggio; G. Ferri
Carlos A. Osorio Quero; Daniel Durini; Jose Rangel-Magdaleno; Jose Martinez-Carranza
M. Carminati; G. Scandurra
Andrzej Kwiatkowski; Katarzyna Drozdowska; Janusz Smulko
Luca Buonanno; Davide Di Vita; Marco Carminati; Franco Camera; Carlo Fiorini
Emanuele Cardillo; Changzhi Li; Alina Caddemi
A. Sitaram; G. K. Campbell; A. Restelli
Hua Fan; Jiayi Zhang; Siming Zuo; Qiang Hu; Quanyuan Feng; Hadi Heidari
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