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Plasma Physics of the Sun in Honor of Eugene Parker

This Special Topic commemorates the legacy of Eugene Parker and highlights new understandings of the plasma physics of the Sun resulting from the observations, analyses, and plans for the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) and Solar Orbiter Missions. In recognition of Eugene Parker's remarkable insights and many contributions, we welcome papers in theoretical, computational, and observational heliophysics and astrophysics. We especially encourage papers written to bring the physics of the Sun to the broader plasma physics community. These include papers building upon the capabilities of the PSP and Solar Orbiter spacecraft, presenting new understandings of coronal processes, solar wind structure and dynamics, transient events including nanoflares, and developing fundamental insights into stellar equilibrium and flows.

Guest Editors: Stuart Bale, Nicola J. Fox, David McComas, and Marco Velli

T. S. Horbury; Stuart D. Bale; Michael D. McManus; Davin Larson; J. C. Kasper; Ronan Laker; Lorenzo Matteini; Nour E. Raouafi; Marco Velli; Lloyd D. Woodham; Thomas Woolley; Andrey Fedorov; Philippe Louarn; Rungployphan Kieokaew; Tereza Durovcova; Ben Chandran; C. J. Owen
O. E. Malandraki; C. M. S. Cohen; J. Giacalone; J. G. Mitchell; R. Chhiber; D. J. McComas; J. Rodríguez-Pacheco; R. F. Wimmer-Schweingruber; G. C. Ho
M. Brodiano; P. Dmitruk; N. Andrés
Anna Tenerani; Carlos González; Nikos Sioulas; Chen Shi; Marco Velli
E. Antonucci; C. Downs; G. E. Capuano; D. Spadaro; R. Susino; D. Telloni; V. Andretta; V. Da Deppo; Y. De Leo; S. Fineschi; F. Frassetto; F. Landini; G. Naletto; G. Nicolini; M. Pancrazzi; M. Romoli; M. Stangalini; L. Teriaca; M. Uslenghi
Honghong Wu; Chuanyi Tu; Jiansen He; Xin Wang; Liping Yang
B. C. Low
B. Balzarini; F. Pugliese; P. Dmitruk
Chen Shi (时辰); 时辰; Marco Velli; Stuart D. Bale; Victor Réville; Milan Maksimović; Jean-Baptiste Dakeyo
Jonathan Squire; Zade Johnston; Alfred Mallet; Romain Meyrand
Mahendra K. Verma
Zade Johnston; Jonathan Squire; Alfred Mallet; Romain Meyrand
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