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The High Repetition Rate Frontier in High-Energy-Density Physics

This Special Topic collects articles presented at the mini-conference "The High Repetition Rate Frontier in High-Energy-Density Physics" at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society held November 8-12, 2021.

Guest Editors: Peter Heuer, Scott Feister, Derek Schaeffer, and Hans Rinderknecht

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F. Treffert; G. D. Glenn; H.-G. J. Chou; C. Crissman; C. B. Curry; D. P. DePonte; F. Fiuza; N. J. Hartley; B. Ofori-Okai; M. Roth; S. H. Glenzer; M. Gauthier
P. V. Heuer; S. Feister; D. B. Schaeffer; H. G. Rinderknecht
D. A. Mariscal; C. M. Krauland; B. Z. Djordjević; G. G. Scott; R. A. Simpson; E. S. Grace; K. Swanson; T. Ma
R. S. Dorst; D. B. Schaeffer; A. Le; J. J. Pilgram; C. G. Constantin; S. Vincena; S. K. P. Tripathi; D. Winske; D. Larson; M. Cowee; C. Niemann
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