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Modern Issues and Applications of E×B Plasmas

The papers in this special topic are a subset of the invited papers presented at the "E×B plasmas for space and industrial applications" workshop in Toulouse from June 21–23, 2017, guest edited by Professor Jean-Pierre Boeuf, LAPLACE/GREPHE, Université P. Sabatier and Professor and Associate Editor Andrei Smolyakov, University of Saskatchewan.

Guest Editors: Jean-Pierre Boeuf and Andrei Smolyakov

Special Collection Image
Andrew T. Powis; Johan A. Carlsson; Igor D. Kaganovich; Yevgeny Raitses; Andrei Smolyakov
O. Koshkarov; A. I. Smolyakov; A. Kapulkin; Y. Raitses; I. Kaganovich
Jean-Pierre Boeuf; Andrei Smolyakov
Francesco Taccogna; Pierpaolo Minelli
Dennis Krüger; Kevin Köhn; Sara Gallian; Ralf Peter Brinkmann
Jesús J. Ramos; Mario Merino; Eduardo Ahedo
M. Tichý; A. Pétin; P. Kudrna; M. Horký; S. Mazouffre
J. P. Boeuf; L. Garrigues
N. Claire; A. Escarguel; C. Rebont; F. Doveil
T. Lafleur; R. Martorelli; P. Chabert; A. Bourdon
Johan Carlsson; Igor Kaganovich; Andrew Powis; Yevgeny Raitses; Ivan Romadanov; Andrei Smolyakov
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