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Invited Papers from the 2nd International Conference on Data-Driven Plasma Science

This Special Topic collects articles presented at the 2nd International Conference on Data-Driven Plasma Science, held in Marseille, France 13-17 May, 2019. Advances in experimental and computational plasma science research are producing larger and more complex data sets. Deriving value from the increasing volume and diversity of data now available provides opportunities for greater insight into complex plasma systems and their interfaces with materials and other phases. In order to extract optimum value from data and fully exploit data interpretation, development of new techniques is required. Embracing data-driven and artificial intelligence discovery in plasma science and technology will enable a new era in this field of research and development.

Guest Editors: Sadruddin Benkadda, Satoshi Hamaguchi, Magali Muraglia and Deborah O'Connell

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Sadruddin Benkadda; Satoshi Hamaguchi; Magali Muraglia; Deborah O'Connell
Hiori Kino; Kazumasa Ikuse; Hieu-Chi Dam; Satoshi Hamaguchi
Seolhye Park; Yongsuk Jang; Taewon Cha; Yeongil Noh; Younghoon Choi; Juyoung Lee; Jaegu Seong; Byungsoo Kim; Taeyoung Cho; Yoona Park; Rabul Seo; Jae-Ho Yang; Gon-Ho Kim
R. M. Churchill; B. Tobias; Y. Zhu; DIII-D team
T. Cartier-Michaud; D. Galassi; Ph. Ghendrih; P. Tamain; F. Schwander; E. Serre
Zhehui Wang; Jiayi Xu; Yao E. Kovach; Bradley T. Wolfe; Edward Thomas, Jr.; Hanqi Guo; John E. Foster; Han-Wei Shen
K. L. van de Plassche; J. Citrin; C. Bourdelle; Y. Camenen; F. J. Casson; V. I. Dagnelie; F. Felici; A. Ho; S. Van Mulders; JET Contributors
Yichen Fu; David Eldon; Keith Erickson; Kornee Kleijwegt; Leonard Lupin-Jimenez; Mark D. Boyer; Nick Eidietis; Nathaniel Barbour; Olivier Izacard; Egemen Kolemen
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