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Turbulence in Plasmas and Fluids

The broad range of physical processes active in turbulence and the diversity of applications where turbulence is important are evident in the disciplines of fluid dynamics and plasma physics. At the same time there is commonality across these applications rooted in nonlinearities that can be the same or mathematically similar. A joint special topic on turbulence in the journals Physics of Fluids and the Physics of Plasmas aims to showcase these aspects of turbulence while increasing awareness of current research trends, emerging developments and understanding, and key issues in areas covered by these journals. Submissions to this special topic are now solicited in all submission categories, including articles, letters, brief communications, tutorials, reviews, and perspectives (with reviews and perspectives especially welcomed). Papers dealing with turbulence in non-ionized fluids should be submitted to Physics of Fluids, while those that treat plasmas should be submitted to Physics of Plasmas. Presentations that help bridge these disciplines are particularly encouraged.

Read this collection’s papers published in Physics of Fluids here and published in Physics of Plasmas here.

Guest Editors: Chunxiao Xu and Paul Terry

Special Collection Image
Armin Sheidani; Sajad Salavatidezfouli; Giovanni Stabile; Mostafa Barzegar Gerdroodbary; Gianluigi Rozza
Zhixiang Feng; Qingqing Ye
Zeeshan Saeed; Brian R. Elbing
Tingting Li (李婷婷); 李婷婷; Zhiwen Cui (崔智文); 崔智文; Xianxu Yuan (袁先旭); 袁先旭; Ying Zhang (张颖); 张颖; Qiang Zhou (周强); 周强; Lihao Zhao (赵立豪); 赵立豪
Justin Walker; David R. Hatch
Kuangxu Chen (陈匡旭); 陈匡旭; Chunlei Liang; Minping Wan (万敏平); 万敏平
Harry C. Lewis; Julia E. Stawarz; Luca Franci; Lorenzo Matteini; Kristopher Klein; Chadi S. Salem; James L. Burch; Robert E. Ergun; Barbara L. Giles; Christopher T. Russell; Per-Arne Lindqvist
X. Shao (邵旋); 邵旋; J. Fang (方剑); 方剑; L. Fang (方乐); 方乐
Yuhang Du (杜宇航); 杜宇航; Yantao Yang (杨延涛); 杨延涛
Weaam Alhejaili; Ismat Naeem; W. Masood; Sherif M. E. Ismaeel; S. A. El-Tantawy
Salemah A. Almutlak; Shahida Parveen; Shahzad Mahmood; Anisa Qamar; B. M. Alotaibi; S. A. El-Tantawy
Zang Xuehao (臧学昊); 臧学昊; Zhong Jun (钟俊); 钟俊; Sun Chao (孙超); 孙超
R. Hassanian; H. Myneni; Á. Helgadóttir; M. Riedel
Wang Hai-Ning (王海宁); 王海宁; Li Rui-Xin (李瑞鑫); 李瑞鑫; Huang Wei-Xi (黄伟希); 黄伟希; Xu Chun-Xiao (许春晓); 许春晓
M. Shahzad; N. Imtiaz; H. Rizvi; W. Masood; Albandari W. Alrowaily; Sherif. M. E. Ismaeel; S. A. El-Tantawy
Lin Yuhe (林煜和); 林煜和; Xu Haitao (徐海涛); 徐海涛
C. Y. Wang; W. W. Xiao; Y. Ren; P. H. Diamond; X. B. Peng; J. T. Ma; W. J. Zhong
Haifa A. Alyousef; Aamir Khan; Ata-ur-Rahman; S. A. El-Tantawy
Weaam Alhejaili; D. V. Douanla; Alim; C. G. L. Tiofack; A. Mohamadou; S. A. El-Tantawy
J. Citrin; P. Trochim; T. Goerler; D. Pfau; K. L. van de Plassche; F. Jenko
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