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Tanner: 90 Years of Rheology

On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Prof. Roger I. Tanner in 2023, we invite contributions dealing with the rheology of complex fluids and suspensions. These include experimental and computational advances in the rheological characterization and modelling of polymeric fluids and melts, as well as colloidal and non-colloidal particle suspensions immersed in both Newtonian and viscoelastic matrices. Contributions involving rheological viscometric flows (steady/unsteady) for these systems as well as complex flow configurations are welcome. New theoretical developments in the field of constitutive modeling in complex fluids are also encouraged.

Guest Editors: Marco Ellero, Kostas Housiadas and Nhan Phan-Thien

Special Collection Image
Amir Arshadi; Mahdi Nili-Ahmadabadi; Ali Minaeian; Mahmood Norouzi; Man Yeong Ha
Nickolas D. Polychronopoulos (Νικóλας Πολυχρονóπουλος); Νικóλας Πολυχρονóπουλος; Ioannis E. Sarris (Ιωάννης Σαρρής); Ιωάννης Σαρρής; Lefteris Benos (Λευτέρης Μπένος); Λευτέρης Μπένος; John Vlachopoulos (Τζον Βλαχóπουλος); Τζον Βλαχóπουλος
T. Kikhavani; M. Tavakolmoghadam; S. H. Hosseini; M. A. Moradkhani
Myong Chol Pak (박명철); 박명철; A. J. Giacomin; M. A. Kanso (منى قانصو); منى قانصو; Hak Chol Pak (박학철); 박학철
Yunsong Li (李云松); 李云松; Wenjun Yuan (袁文君); 袁文君; Qixin Ba (巴其鑫); 巴其鑫; Mei Mei (梅玫); 梅玫; Weitao Wu (吴威涛); 吴威涛
Tripti Kumbalpuri; Sandip Sarkar
Kyunil Rah
Zhi Zheng; Peng Wang; Naihu He; Qiaorui Si; Guidong Li; Daolin Du; Jianpin Yuan
Ouyang Zhenyu (欧阳振宇); 欧阳振宇; Ye Hao (叶浩); 叶浩; Lin Jianzhong (林建忠); 林建忠; Nhan Phan-Thien
J. Esteban López-Aguilar; Hamid R. Tamaddon-Jahromi; Octavio Manero
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