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Rheology Testing and Analysis of Polymers

The special topic scope for Rheology Testing and Analysis of Polymers includes recent developments in the areas of experimental and numerical rheological methods for the characterization and analysis of polymers. Interests include, but are not limited to, new experimental and numerical methods, instrumentation, the use of rheology for the characterization of new polymers, and sustainability.

Guest Editors: Teresa Karjala and Sylvie Vervoot

Special Collection Image
D. Tammaro; P. L. Maffettone
Vincenzo Ianniello; Salvatore Costanzo; Rossana Pasquino; Giovanni Ianniruberto; Virendra K Gupta; Lucas Stieglitz; Bernhard Rieger; Theo Tervoort; Nino Grizzuti
R. Chakraborty; D. Singhal; M. A. Kanso; A. J. Giacomin
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