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Papers from the Institute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Meeting, Lake Vyrnwy, 2019

The Institute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (INNFM) is an organization that encourages collaborative research in the rheology of non-Newtonian fluids. A key role of the INNFM is to bring together researchers in the field through regular meetings. Although the size of the meetings is small (around 60 delegates), it attracts some of the most eminent rheologists from around the world. The scientific program has no parallel sessions, and, to that end, all invited talks are plenary. The 2019 meeting was held in Lake Vyrnwy in Llanwddyn, Wales. This special topic represents a selection of the papers presented at the meeting.

Guest Editor: Karl Hawkins

Special Collection Image
Karl Hawkins; Dan Curtis
M. Iqbal; J. Y. S. Li-Mayer; D. Lewis; S. Connors; M. N. Charalambides
C. M. Oishi; R. L. Thompson; F. P. Martins
D. J. Curtis; A. R. Davies
Hongyu Chen (陈泓宇); Peter Wapperom; Donald G. Baird
Claire McIlroy
Jonathan D. Evans; Morgan L. Evans
Parisa Sarmadi; Ian A. Frigaard
Knut Sverdrup; Ann Almgren; Nikolaos Nikiforakis
J. D. Evans; J. A. Cuminato; I. L. Palhares Junior; C. M. Oishi
Mona A. Kanso; L. Jbara; A. J. Giacomin; C. Saengow; P. H. Gilbert
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