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Flow and the Eye

The human eye presents researchers in fluid flow with unique challenges and opportunities. The environment external to the eye controls evaporation and the deposition of particulates and other contaminants. Blinking involves complex mechanics, as the tear film is subjected to high rates of shear. The tear film itself is a complex structured fluid that is overridden by an insoluble layer of meibomian lipids that creates a non-Newtonian surface boundary condition. Fluid flow and transport phenomena are connected to inner-ocular processes, such as blood vessel flow and ocular hypertension. The delivery of therapeutics to the human eye is challenging since presenting and retaining these agents to affected areas in such a dynamic environment is difficult. This special collection seeks to further understanding of the complexities of the human eye as it relates to fluids physics.

Guest Editors: Gerald Fuller and Vineeth ‘Vinny’ Chandran Suja

Special Collection Image
V. Chandran Suja; G. G. Fuller
Juan F. Vega; Mercedes Fernández; Andrés Cardil; Itxaso Calafel; Itziar Martínez-Soroa; Ane Pérez Sarriegui; Arantxa Acera
M. J. Taranchuk; L. J. Cummings; T. A. Driscoll; R. J. Braun
Riccardo Sacco; Greta Chiaravalli; Gal Antman; Giovanna Guidoboni; Alice Verticchio; Brent Siesky; Alon Harris
L. Julien; S. Bonnin; M. Paques; J.-M. Fullana
Sun Yifan (孙一凡); Chen Jian (陈建); Zhou Sijie (周思捷); Jiang Yong (江勇)
Jiang Wei (姜维); Li Rui (李蕊); Peng Niming (彭匿明); Wang Qi (王祺); Wang Lanlan (王兰兰); Jiang Weitao (蒋维涛); Liu Hongzhong (刘红忠)
Dibyendu Mandal; Himadri Chattopadhyay; Kumaresh Halder
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