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Dynamics of Out-of-Equilibrium Soft Materials

Over the past decade, there has been significant interest in how colloids self-assemble in a variety of non-equilibrium states and undergo slow evolution of the structure and rheological properties. With increased complexities of the colloidal dispersions such as anisotropy, charge distribution, nature of continuous media, etc., the state behavior becomes exceedingly rich. From a rheological point of view, the focus has been to correlate how a non-equilibrium state and corresponding microstructure affects the flow behavior, and in turn how the state itself gets altered by the flow field. The variety of topics under this umbrella include, but not limited to, are physical aging/rejuvenation, gelation, various facets of thixotropy, shear localization, shear banding, overaging, gel coarsening, delayed yielding, delayed solidification, multistep yielding, etc. The present special issue invites contributions from theorists, simulation groups and experimentalists that address contemporary issues in above mentioned and related topics in out of equilibrium soft materials.

Guest Editor: Yogesh M. Joshi

Special Collection Image
Yogesh M. Joshi
Vinay Vaibhav; Pinaki Chaudhuri
Kristine M. Smith; Adriana San-Miguel; Lilian C. Hsiao
Jiho Choi (최지호); 최지호; Matthew Armstrong; Simon A. Rogers
Yu-Fan Lee (李宇凡); 李宇凡; Yimin Luo (罗轶敏); 罗轶敏; Tianyi Bai (白天屹); 白天屹; Carlos Velez; Scott C. Brown; Norman J. Wagner
Prathmesh M. Vinze; Akash Choudhary; S. Pushpavanam
Khushboo Suman; Sachin Shanbhag; Yogesh M. Joshi
Riande I. Dekker; Antoine Deblais; Bastiaan Veltkamp; Peter Veenstra; Willem K. Kegel; Daniel Bonn
Prateek Dwivedi; Bishwa Ranjan Si; Dipin Pillai; Rahul Mangal
Soudamini Sahoo; Sunil Pratap Singh; Snigdha Thakur
Fardin Khabaz; Roger T. Bonnecaze
Rajkumar Biswas; Debasish Saha; Ranjini Bandyopadhyay
Jack T. Parley; Suzanne M. Fielding; Peter Sollich
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