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Advanced Rheology of Complex Fluids for Next-Generation Technologies

Complex fluids, including polymers, colloids, composites, liquid crystals, biomaterials, emulsions, and pastes, are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and progress in fundamental sciences can enable new structure-processing-property relationships for next-generation technologies. Rheology for complex fluids provides insights into the fundamental studies on dynamics, phase transitions, and flow phenomena, as well as the application to material design, processing guidance, and property characterization. Therefore, in honor of the retirement of Dr. Don Baird, this Special Collection of Physics of Fluids aims to publish original research papers and reviews on the latest advancements in the rheology of complex fluids.

Guest editors: Renxuan Xie, Michael Bortner, and Timothy Long

Special Collection Image
Sourav Garai; Dipankar Chatterjee; Bittagopal Mondal
B. Nazari; E. Moghimi; D. W. Bousfield
Esther García-Tuñón; Rishav Agrawal; Bin Ling; David J. C. Dennis
Arit Das; Jocelyn A. Riet; Michael J. Bortner; Claire McIlroy
Igor M. Carraretto; Crystal E. Owens; Gareth H. McKinley
Myong Chol Pak (박명철); R. Chakraborty; M. A. Kanso; Kwang-Il Kim (김광일); A. J. Giacomin
Leanne M. Friedrich; Ross T. Gunther; Jonathan E. Seppala
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