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Fundamental Constants: Realization of the Kelvin

This special topic is one of set of issues related to the Fundamental Constants and addresses realization of the kelvin (since the Boltzmann Constant is now fixed). It consists of invited papers on different methods for primary standards including Acoustic gas, Dielectric-constant gas, Doppler-broadening, Johnson noise, and Refractive-index gas thermometries, as well as He-4 dipole polarizability.

This special topic is a follow up from another issue several years ago on "Advances in Determination of Fundamental Constants." With the redefinition of the SI base units, we believe that it is valuable to hear more recent insights related to the Fundamental Constants.

Guest Editors: Donald R. Burgess Jr. and Allan H. Harvey

Giovanni Garberoglio; Christof Gaiser; Roberto M. Gavioso; Allan H. Harvey; Robert Hellmann; Bogumił Jeziorski; Karsten Meier; Michael R. Moldover; Laurent Pitre; Krzysztof Szalewicz; Robin Underwood
Li Xing; Xiao-Juan Feng; Ming-Hao Si; Jin-Tao Zhang; Hong Lin; Keith A. Gillis; Michael R. Moldover
Christof Gaiser; Bernd Fellmuth; Roberto M. Gavioso; Murat Kalemci; Vladimir Kytin; Tohru Nakano; Anatolii Pokhodun; Patrick M. C. Rourke; Richard Rusby; Fernando Sparasci; Peter P. M. Steur; Weston L. Tew; Robin Underwood; Rod White; Inseok Yang; Jintao Zhang
Patrick M. C. Rourke
R. Gotti; M. Lamperti; D. Gatti; M. Marangoni
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