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Cascades of Scales: Applications and Mathematical Methodologies

This issue collects reviews and research articles addressing real-life phenomena involving cascades of interacting scales and related methodological developments, emphasizing applications from the biomolecular, material, chemical/polymere, atmospheric, and geophysical sciences. Of particular interest are mathematical concepts and methodologies which are transferable to a generalized framework by mathematical abstraction, and have led to related computational implementations. Contributions to this collection will explain relations between the pertinent application-oriented domain-specific languages and the complementary unifying abstract mathematical language that enables the generalization of methodologies to other fields. Thus, the themed issue showcases the strength of Mathematical Physics in providing theoretically well-founded solutions to challenging application problems by leveraging interactions between the abstract mathematical and the concrete physical perspectives.

Guest Editors: Luigi Delle Site, Rupert Klein, Mária Lukácová-Medvidová, and Edriss Titi

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A. Sikorski; E. Ribera Borrell; M. Weber
Alexander Mielke
U. Achatz; Y.-H. Kim; G. S. Voelker
Peter Bella; Eduard Feireisl; Florian Oschmann
Andrea Zafferi; Konstantin Huber; Dirk Peschka; Johannes Vrijmoed; Timm John; Marita Thomas
Weinan E; Huan Lei; Pinchen Xie; Linfeng Zhang
Lijie Ji; Zhiguo Yang; Zhuoning Li; Dong Wu; Shi Jin; Zhenli Xu
Mauricio J. del Razo; Stefanie Winkelmann; Rupert Klein; Felix Höfling
Luca Donati; Marcus Weber; Bettina G. Keller
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