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Quantum Light

This JCP special topic issue aims to highlight state-of-the-art research in the applications of quantum light in chemical physics, physical chemistry, and closely related fields. Examples of quantum light are single photons, entangled photon pairs, and quadrature-squeezed light, all of which play important roles in the rapidly rising field of quantum information science. The ability to create, manipulate, interact, and measure quantum states of light has potential to offer unprecedented improvements in sensing, metrology, imaging, and spectroscopy, among other areas. Papers are solicited from across the wide range of related research, including sources and detectors of quantum light, novel proposals or demonstrations of techniques offering unique advantages of quantum light in physical chemistry, molecular physics, and solid-state science, and other related areas.

Guest Editors: Andy Marcus, Michael Raymer, P. James Schuck, and Carlos Silva Acuna with JCP Editors Jennifer Ogilvie, Qiang Shi, and Xiaoyang Zhu

Special Collection Image
Andrew H. Marcus; Michael G. Raymer
Michael G. Raymer; Tiemo Landes; Andrew H. Marcus
Stefan Lerch; André Stefanov
S. Szoke; M. He; B. P. Hickam; S. K. Cushing
Ivan Gonoskov; Stefanie Gräfe
Edoardo G. Carnio; Andreas Buchleitner; Frank Schlawin
Shahaf Asban; Konstantin E. Dorfman; Shaul Mukamel
Zohreh Sharifi; Michael Dobinson; Ghazal Hajisalem; Mirali Seyed Shariatdoust; Adriaan L. Frencken; Frank C. J. M. van Veggel; Reuven Gordon
Vladimir Y. Chernyak; Shaul Mukamel
Katharina Soukup; Fabio Di Pumpo; Tobias Aßmann; Wolfgang P. Schleich; Enno Giese
Siddhartha Santra; Vladimir S. Malinovsky
Frank Schlawin; Konstantin E. Dorfman; Shaul Mukamel
Kobra N. Avanaki; George C. Schatz
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