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1st European Conference on Magnetic Reconnection in Plasmas

In line with the objectives of the European Conference on Magnetic Reconnection in Plasmas, the scope of this Special Topic is to bridge the scientific communities dealing with magnetic reconnection phenomena. Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental phenomenon in space and fusion plasmas. They are complementary domains in terms of parameters and experimental/observational data but share common scientific issues at the fundamental level such as the multi-scale interaction between turbulence, accelerated particles and magnetic structures or the nature of the reconnection at the microscopic level. The primary goals for this Special Topic are sharing the state of the art, exchanging knowledge between communities, and promoting multi-disciplinary approaches.

Guest Editors: Olivier Agullo, Daniela Grasso, Magali Muraglia, Fulvia Pucci, and M.J. Pueschel

Special Collection Image
H. Betar; D. Del Sarto; A. Ghizzo; F. Brochard; D. Zarzoso
Silvia Ferro; Matteo Faganello; Francesco Califano; Fabio Bacchini
L. Bonalumi; E. Alessi; E. Lazzaro; S. Nowak; C. Sozzi; D. Frigione; L. Garzotti; E. Lerche; F. Rimini; D. Van Eester; JET Contributors
C. Granier; E. Tassi; D. Laveder; T. Passot; P. L. Sulem
A. V. Dudkovskaia; H. R. Wilson
L. Singh; D. Borgogno; F. Subba; D. Grasso
Valentin Igochine
H. Betar; D. Del Sarto
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