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Non-smooth Dynamics

Non-smooth dynamics induced by switches, impacts, sliding and other abrupt changes in system parameters are pervasive in physics, biology, and engineering. Yet systems with non-smooth dynamics have historically received far less attention. This focus issue brings together applied mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and engineers to present recent advances in the theory and applications of non-smooth dynamical systems. Topics to be covered in this focus issue range from the dynamics and bifurcations of piecewise-smooth and impacting systems, including non-classical sliding homoclinic and grazing bifurcations to the constructive role of non-smoothness in the stability and control of switched networks with an eye towards applications in biology and engineering.

Guest Editors: Igor Belykh, Rachel Kuske, Maurizio Porfiri, David Simpson

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Vladimir N. Belykh; Nikita V. Barabash; Igor Belykh
Alessandra Corso; Lucia Valentina Gambuzza; Pietro De Lellis; Mattia Frasca
Igor Belykh; Rachel Kuske; Maurizio Porfiri; David J. W. Simpson
William Z. Peng; Hyunjong Song; Dariusz Czarkowski; Joo H. Kim
Zhouchao Wei; Yuxi Li; Irene Moroz; Wei Zhang
Dimitri Costa; Rachel Kuske; Daniil Yurchenko
Vladimir V. Klinshov; Otti D’Huys
Bence Szaksz; Gabor Stepan
Xu Zhang; Guanrong Chen
Yuxi Li; Zhouchao Wei; Wei Zhang; Ming Yi
Dalma J. Nagy; Tamás Insperger
Jaume Llibre; Marco Antonio Teixeira
Meng Su; Lizhi Niu; Wenting Zhang; Zhicong Ren; Wei Xu
I. Ghosh; D. J. W. Simpson
Zh. T. Zhusubaliyev; V. Avrutin; I. Sushko; L. Gardini
Siyu Guo; Albert C. J. Luo
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