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Linear Response Theory: Potentials and Limits

Linear response theory constitutes a cornerstone of statistical mechanics. Developed in the 1960s for thermostatted Hamiltonian systems, applications now include modern areas of research in deterministic dynamical systems such as neurodynamics and climate science. In particular, understanding the apparent disconnect between successful applications in high-dimensional deterministic systems and low-dimensional systems which violate linear response is an open scientific problem. This Focus Issue brings together physicists and mathematicians from several areas to provide a state-of-the-art perspective of this exciting area.

Guest Editor: Georg Gottwald

Special Collection Image
Georg A. Gottwald
Tamás Bódai; Valerio Lucarini; Frank Lunkeit
Stefano Galatolo; Julien Sedro
Armando Castro
Caroline L. Wormell; Georg A. Gottwald
Andrew J. Majda; Di Qi
Bruno Cessac
A. Sarracino; A. Vulpiani
Rafail V. Abramov
Christian Maes; Karel Netočný
He Zhang; Xiantao Li; John Harlim
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