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UV/DUV Light Emitters

Solid-state UV/DUV light emitters with wavelengths from 400 nm down to 200 nm are the fundamental building block for several key applications. Polymer curing, air-water purification, bio-medical instrumentation, gas sensing, and germicidal systems are examples of these. Such systems are critically important for many industrial applications, and for improving quality of life and the mitigation of public health challenges posed by viruses, e.g. causing COVID-19. Despite significant progress and commercialization of UV/DUV light emitters, numerous challenges remain, and they have become the catalyst for the ongoing research. The light output power, external quantum efficiency, operation voltage, and long-term stability of UVB/C LEDs is still not to the level of their visible wavelength counterparts. Critical challenges include low resistance UV-reflective contacts as well as efficient carrier injection which can be addressed by novel approaches like tunnel-junctions and polarization doping. Technique such as laser liftoff coupled with backside shaping for enhanced light extraction are more difficult to incorporate in UVB/C LEDs with high-Al composition AlGaN layers. Recently several groups have reported laser diodes in the UVB/C spectral region. But the demonstrated devices are still a long way from what is needed for practical systems. Some initial reports of n- and p-type doping of AlN also open exciting possibilities for devices with emission wavelengths down to 210 nm.

Guest Editors: Asif Khan, Michael Kneissl, and Hiroshi Amano

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Asif Khan; Michael Kneissl; Hiroshi Amano
Babak Nikoobakht; Yuqin Zong; Okan Koksal; Amit Agrawal; Christopher Montgomery; Jaime Rumsey; Jacob Leach; Michael Shur
A. Perepeliuc; R. Gujrati; A. Srivastava; P. Vuong; V. Ottapilakkal; P. L. Voss; S. Sundaram; J. P. Salvestrini; A. Ougazzaden
R. Finn; M. O'Donovan; P. Farrell; J. Moatti; T. Streckenbach; T. Koprucki; S. Schulz
Yuto Nishikawa; Kohei Ueno; Atsushi Kobayashi; Hiroshi Fujioka
S. F. Chichibu; K. Nagata; M. Oya; T. Kasuya; K. Okuno; H. Ishiguro; Y. Saito; T. Takeuchi; K. Shima
Tim Kolbe; Arne Knauer; Jens Rass; Hyun Kyong Cho; Sylvia Hagedorn; Fedir Bilchenko; Anton Muhin; Jan Ruschel; Michael Kneissl; Sven Einfeldt; Markus Weyers
Nicola Roccato; Francesco Piva; Carlo De Santi; Matteo Buffolo; Manuel Fregolent; Marco Pilati; Norman Susilo; Daniel Hauer Vidal; Anton Muhin; Luca Sulmoni; Tim Wernicke; Michael Kneissl; Gaudenzio Meneghesso; Enrico Zanoni; Matteo Meneghini
F. Piva; M. Grigoletto; R. Brescancin; C. De Santi; M. Buffolo; J. Ruschel; J. Glaab; D. Hauer Vidal; M. Guttmann; J. Rass; S. Einfeldt; N. Susilo; T. Wernicke; M. Kneissl; G. Meneghesso; E. Zanoni; M. Meneghini
Jakob Höpfner; Priti Gupta; Martin Guttmann; Jan Ruschel; Johannes Glaab; Tim Kolbe; Jens Rass; Arne Knauer; Christoph Stölmacker; Sven Einfeldt; Tim Wernicke; Markus Weyers; Michael Kneissl
Yingzhe Wang; Xuefeng Zheng; Tian Zhu; Shaozhong Yue; Ailing Pan; Shengrui Xu; Peixian Li; Xiaohua Ma; Jincheng Zhang; Lixin Guo; Yue Hao
Lucie Valera; Vincent Grenier; Sylvain Finot; Catherine Bougerol; Joël Eymery; Gwénolé Jacopin; Christophe Durand
R. Akaike; M. Funato; Y. Kawakami
Jan Ruschel; Jens W. Tomm; Johannes Glaab; Tim Kolbe; Arne Knauer; Jens Rass; Neysha Lobo-Ploch; Tamukanashe A. Musengezi; Sven Einfeldt
Jianping Zhang; Ling Zhou; Ying Gao; Alexander Lunev; Shuai Wu; Bin Zhang; Werner Götz
Hirotsugu Kobayashi; Kosuke Sato; Yusuke Okuaki; TaeGi Lee; Tomohiro Morishita; Hiromasa Goto; Naohiro Kuze
Rémy Vermeersch; Gwénolé Jacopin; Eric Robin; Julien Pernot; Bruno Gayral; Bruno Daudin
A. Knauer; T. Kolbe; S. Hagedorn; J. Hoepfner; M. Guttmann; H. K. Cho; J. Rass; J. Ruschel; S. Einfeldt; M. Kneissl; M. Weyers
Ryosuke Kondo; Ayumu Yabutani; Tomoya Omori; Kazuki Yamada; Eri Matsubara; Ryota Hasegawa; Toma Nishibayashi; Sho Iwayama; Tetsuya Takeuchi; Satoshi Kamiyama; Hideto Miyake; Motoaki Iwaya
Kunzi Liu; Li Chen; Tian Luo; Zihui Zhao; Ping Ouyang; Jiaxin Zhang; Qiushuang Chen; Biao Zhou; Shengli Qi; Houqiang Xu; Zhenhai Yang; Wei Guo; Jichun Ye
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