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Thermal Radiation at the Nanoscale and Applications

Nanostructured materials offer new opportunities for shaping the infrared thermal spectrum and improving the performance of thermal devices. In addition, there has been a paradigm shift from the familiar laws of thermal radiation derived over a century ago, to a general framework known as fluctuational electrodynamics that allows calculations of radiative heat transfer for arbitrary sizes and distances. Near-field radiative heat transfer and thermal emission in systems of sub-wavelength size can exhibit super-Planckian behaviour, i.e. flux rates several orders of magnitude larger than that predicted by the Stefan–Boltzmann (or blackbody) limit. These effects can be combined with novel materials to yield even larger modifications and spectral selectivity.

Guest Editors: Pierre-Olivier Chapuis, Bong Jae Lee, and Alejandro Rodriguez

Special Collection Image
Pierre-Olivier Chapuis; Bong Jae Lee; Alejandro Rodriguez
Zhen Liu; Shunsuke Abe; Makoto Shimizu; Hiroo Yugami
Hakan Salihoglu; Zhuo Li; Sheng Shen
S. Sarkar; E. Nefzaoui; G. Hamaoui; F. Marty; P. Basset; T. Bourouina
Ting S. Luk; Guangping Xu; Willard Ross; John N. Nogan; Ethan A. Scott; Sergei Ivanov; Oana Niculescu; Oleg Mitrofanov; C. Thomas Harris
Jérémy Dumoulin; Emmanuel Drouard; Mohamed Amara
G. V. Dedkov
Ying Zhang; Hui Fang
S. G. Castillo-López; R. Esquivel-Sirvent; C. Villarreal; G. Pirruccio
Cun-Hai Wang; Ming-Xiang Liu; Ze-Yi Jiang
S. Tachikawa; J. Ordonez-Miranda; Y. Wu; L. Jalabert; R. Anufriev; S. Volz; M. Nomura
Yanming Guo; Liangwei Zhu; Shuni Chen; Sihong Zhou; Qinghui Pan; Junming Zhao; Yong Shuai
Gavin P. Forcade; Christopher E. Valdivia; Sean Molesky; Shengyuan Lu; Alejandro W. Rodriguez; Jacob J. Krich; Raphael St-Gelais; Karin Hinzer
J. Legendre; P.-O. Chapuis
Sean McSherry; Andrej Lenert
Pyry Kivisaari; Jani Oksanen
Deyu Xu; Junming Zhao; Linhua Liu
M. Chirtoc; N. Horny
Florian Herz; Svend-Age Biehs
Lindsay P. Walter; Mathieu Francoeur
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