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Time Modulated Metamaterials

Time switched and time-varying metamaterials whose properties are modulated in time, have recently emerged as a new paradigm for wave manipulation and information processing, beyond the limits set by energy conservation and time-reversal symmetry. These metamaterials enable the control of wave momentum, frequency, and digital information, and offer unique applications such as nonreciprocity, smart reconfigurable response, wave synthesis, and next-generation wireless communications, across electromagnetism, acoustics and mechanics. They are also a testbed for topological and non-Hermitian physics, or can be exploited to simulate more complex wave phenomena and information technologies, including also serving as analogues for e.g. fundamental phenomena in curved spacetimes. Time-modulated metamaterials haveare also started to emerge in the context of quantum waves. This Special Topic Collections addresses the recent theoretical concepts, metamaterials architectures, experimental observations, device fabrication, and system application that are advancing our understanding of wave interaction with time switched metamaterials.

Guest Editors: Anthony Grbic, Daniele Faccio, Humeyra Caglayan, Maxim Shcherbakov, Tie Jun Cui, and Riccardo Sapienza

Special Collection Image
Riccardo Sapienza; Maxim Shcherbakov; Daniele Faccio; Tie Jun Cui; Humeyra Caglayan
Mohammad Mojtaba Sadafi; Achiles Fontana da Mota; Hossein Mosallaei
M. H. Mostafa; N. Ha-Van; P. Jayathurathnage; X. Wang; G. Ptitcyn; S. A. Tretyakov
Xiao Qing Chen; Lei Zhang; Tie Jun Cui
Yiling Song; Shaolin Ke; Yuelan Chen; Mingfeng Wang
O. Mattei; V. Gulizzi
Menglin Wei; Hanting Zhao; Yanjin Chen; Zhuo Wang; Tie Jun Cui; Lianlin Li
Ying Huang; Taiyu Okatani; Naoki Inomata; Yoshiaki Kanamori
Huan He; Sihao Zhang; Jiwei Qi; Fang Bo; Huanan Li
L. Stefanini; D. Ramaccia; A. Toscano; F. Bilotti
R. S. Rafi; S. Fardad; A. Salandrino
Jiaqi Han; Tong Wang; Silong Chen; Xiangjin Ma; Guanxuan Li; Haixia Liu; Long Li
X. Fang; M. Li; D. Ramaccia; A. Toscano; F. Bilotti; D. Ding
Giuseppe Castaldi; Carlo Rizza; Nader Engheta; Vincenzo Galdi
J. G. Gaxiola-Luna; P. Halevi
Qun Yan Zhou; Jun Wei Wu; Si Ran Wang; Zu Qi Fang; Li Jie Wu; Jun Chen Ke; Jun Yan Dai; Tie Jun Cui; Qiang Cheng
Le Peng Zhang; Hao Chi Zhang; Jingjing Zhang; Ling Yun Niu; Pei Hang He; Cunyue Wei; Wenxuan Tang; Tie Jun Cui
Xuan Liu; Yutao Tang; Yang Li; Zixian Hu; Junhong Deng; Guixin Li
Fan Gao; Zhiyu Sun; Peicheng Yuan; Juan Deng; Guoli Jin; Jian Zhou; Hao Liu; Bo Yan
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