CIP's panel discussion on visualization in scientific computing contains edited highlights prepared from a series of five individual interviews, conducted by CIP Managing Editor Alexander Wolfe, with Maxine Brown, Associate Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, The University of Illinois at Chicago; Donald Greenberg, Director, Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University; Michael Keeler, Manager, Advanced Graphics Projects, San Diego Supercomputer Center (now with Ardent Computers Inc.); Alvy Ray Smith, Cofounder and Executive Vice President, Pixcar; and Lany Yaeger, Principal Engineer, Vivarium Project, Apple Computer Inc. We believe this discussion is particularly timely in light of the recent publication of Visualization in Scientific Computing, a report to the National Science Foundation by the Panel of Graphics, Image Processing, and Workstations. Round‐table participant Smith served on the 16‐member Panel; Brown was one of three editors of the ViSC report. In the words of that report, “Visualization in Scientific Computing can bring enormous leverage to bear on scientific productivity and the potential for major scientific breakthroughs, at a level of influence comparable to supercomputers themselves. The Panel recommends a new initiative in Visualization in Scientific Computing, to get visualization tools into the ‘hands and minds’ of scientists.”

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