Chaos congratulates the top young March Meeting speakers

Chaos congratulates the finalists and winners of the APS Topical Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (GSNP) Postdoctoral Speaker Award and Student Speaker Award. These awards seek to recognize the best contributed talks at the APS March Meeting, and provide travel support to the finalists and a cash prize to the winner. Congratulations to this group of exciting young researchers!

Student Speaker Award:

Finalists: Lisa Tran, University of Pennsylvania
Jie Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Meng Fang, Yale University
Chrisy Du, University of Michigan
Grant Rotskoff, University of California, Berkeley

Winner: Chrisy Du, University of Michigan

Postdoctoral Speaker Award:

Finalists: Dibyendu Mandal, University of California, Berkeley
Oren Raz, University of Maryland
Matthias Merkel, Syracuse University
Casey Bester, Duke University
Edward Bannigan, Northwestern University

Winner: Matthias Merkel, Syracuse University

Lewis Fry Richardson Medal 2017

Chaos congratulates Edward Ott, Distinguished University Professor at University of Maryland, for receiving the 2017 Lewis Fry Richardson Medal from the European Geosciences Union. Professor Ott is a pioneer in the theory of chaos and nonlinear dynamics. His work spans from basic theory of nonlinear systems to applications such as weather prediction or the origin of earth’s magnetic field. Chaos has been proud to publish many of Professor Ott’s papers on topics such as coupled oscillators. Read more here.

CHAOS congratulates the new APS Fellows of the GSNP Section

The CHAOS team congratulates the following CHAOS authors who have been elected APS Fellows as nominated by the APS Topical Group on Statistical & Nonlinear Physics (GSNP). Election to an APS Fellowship is a great honor, and speaks to the enormous impact these researchers have had on the CHAOS community and the greater physics enterprise. Historically, APS only elects a very small percentage of its total membership to an APS Fellowship every year, making it a club that is as exclusive as it is prestigious. To see previously elected APS Fellows that were nominated by the GSNP, visit the Tropical Group on Statistical & Nonlinear Physics web page.

Raissa M. D'Souza, University of California, Davis
Citation: For seminal contributions to the statistical physics of complex systems, including self-organization in jamming phenomena and cascades, abrupt percolation transitions, and interdependence in network systems.

Felix M. Izrailev, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico
Citation: For elucidation of ideas of classical and quantum chaos and their broad applications to many-body physics.

Wouter-Jan Rappel, University of California, San Diego
Citation: For the innovative development and application of nonequilibrium physics methods to living and nonliving systems.

Robin Selinger, Kent State University
Citation: For fundamental contributions in theory/ simulation of morphology and microstructural evolution in materials, with applications in liquid crystals, nematic elastomers, lipid membranes, chiral symmetry breaking, and fracture/plasticity of crystalline solids, as well as for exceptional service and outreach.

Mason Porter, University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the development of new methods and applications in complex networks, including novel measures and techniques for the analysis of multilayer interconnected systems, and for work in nonlinear waves in granular crystals, optical media, and atomic Bose-Einstein condensates.

Jeffrey Urbach, Georgetown University
Citation: For pioneering experiments that illuminated the nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of thin granular layers.

Change in Publication Frequency in 2015

Starting in January 2015, Chaos will publish 12 monthly online issues, which will be collated into 4 quarterly print issues (January–March, April-June, July-September, and October-December). The quarterly print issue will contain all papers published online in that quarter. This change will facilitate expanded discoverability of the contents via monthly Table of Contents and indexing in the Web of Science and other indexing archival services in a timely manner. 

Chaos is committed to publishing selective and high-quality content that is accessible to researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines. Topics cover nonlinear dynamical systems, neural networks and neurodynamics, climate and earth sciences, condensed matter, fluid dynamics, synchronization, turbulence, solitons and coherent structures, time-series analysis, and more.

2014 Fields Medals:

  • Martin Hairer is awarded a Fields Medal for his outstanding contributions to the theory of stochastic partial differential equations and in particular for the creation of a theory of regularity structures for such equations.
  • Maryam Mirzakhaniis awarded the Fields Medal for her outstanding contributions to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces.
  • Artur Avila is awarded a Fields Medal for his profound contributions to dynamical systems theory, which have changed the face of the field, using the powerful idea of renormalization as a unifying principle.
  • Manjul Bhargavais awarded a Fields Medal for developing powerful new methods in the geometry of numbers, which he applied to count rings of small rank and to bound the average rank of elliptic curves.

For more information please visit the International Mathematical Union web site.

Chaos-theory pioneer nabs Abel Prize

Yakov Sinai has developed fundamental tools for the study of unpredictable phenomena. 
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the 2014 Abel Prize to Russian-born mathematical physicist Yakov Sinai of Princeton University in New Jersey. The award cites his “fundamental contributions to dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and mathematical physics.” 

Nature | Breaking News 
Philip Ball 
26 March 2014

Publications from Yakov Sinai in AIP Publishing journals:

Self-similarity and renormalization in chaotic dynamics 
Yakov Pesin, Michael Shlesinger, Yakov Sinai and George Zaslavsky 
Chaos 7, 1 (1997); 

Singularities of complex-valued solutions of the two-dimensional Burgers system 
Dong Li and Yakov G. Sinai 
J. Math. Phys. 51, 015205 (2010);