The formalism of partial information decomposition provides a number of independent components which altogether constitute the total information provided by the source variable(s) about the target variable(s). These non-overlapping terms are recognized as unique information, synergistic information, and redundant information. The metric of net synergy conceived as the difference between synergistic and redundant information is capable of detecting effective synergy, effective redundancy, and information independence among stochastic variables. The net synergy can be quantified using appropriate combinations of different Shannon mutual information terms. The utilization of the net synergy in network motifs with the nodes representing different biochemical species, involved in information sharing, uncovers rich store for exciting results. In the current study, we use this formalism to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the relative information processing mechanism in a diamond motif and two of its sub-motifs, namely, bifurcation and integration motif embedded within the diamond motif. The emerging patterns of effective synergy and effective redundancy and their contribution toward ensuring high fidelity information transmission are duly compared in the sub-motifs. Investigation on the metric of net synergy in independent bifurcation and integration motifs are also executed. In all of these computations, the crucial roles played by various systemic time scales, activation coefficients, and signal integration mechanisms at the output of the network topologies are especially emphasized. Following this plan of action, we become confident that the origin of effective synergy and effective redundancy can be architecturally justified by decomposing a diamond motif into bifurcation and integration motif. According to our conjecture, the presence of a common source of fluctuations creates effective redundancy. Our calculations reveal that effective redundancy empowers signal fidelity. Moreover, to achieve this, input signaling species avoids strong interaction with downstream intermediates. This strategy is capable of making the diamond motif noise-tolerant. Apart from the topological features, our study also puts forward the active contribution of additive and multiplicative signal integration mechanisms to nurture effective redundancy and effective synergy.

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