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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 34,
Issue 5,
May 2024

Focus and Coverage

Chaos is devoted to increasing the understanding of nonlinear phenomena and describing the manifestations in a manner comprehensible to researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
A. Longhena, M. Guillemaud et al.
This paper introduces two novel scores for detecting local perturbations in networks. For this, we consider a non-Euclidean representation of networks, namely, their embedding onto the Poincaré disk ...
Research Article
Koichiro Yawata, Kai Fukami et al.
We present a phase autoencoder that encodes the asymptotic phase of a limit-cycle oscillator, a fundamental quantity characterizing its synchronization dynamics. This autoencoder is trained in such a ...
Research Article
André Luiz P. de Lima, Jr-Shin Li
A persistent challenge in tasks involving large-scale dynamical systems, such as state estimation and error reduction, revolves around processing the collected measurements. Frequently, these data ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Xiaobei Zou, Luolin Xiong et al.
Spatiotemporal forecasting in various domains, like traffic prediction and weather forecasting, is a challenging endeavor, primarily due to the difficulties in modeling propagation dynamics and ...
Research Article
Przemysław Pogorzelec, Bartłomiej Dybiec
Lévy noise is a paradigmatic noise used to describe out-of-equilibrium systems. Typically, properties of Lévy noise driven systems are very different from their Gaussian white noise driven ...
Research Article
Peijie Song, Xiaojuan Li et al.
In the phenomenon of mixed-mode oscillations, transitions between large-amplitude and small-amplitude oscillations may lead to anomalous jitter in the probe of a tapping mode atomic force microscope ...
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