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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 34,
Issue 2,
February 2024

Focus and Coverage

Chaos is devoted to increasing the understanding of nonlinear phenomena and describing the manifestations in a manner comprehensible to researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Antonio Politi, Alessandro Torcini
Dynamical balance of excitation and inhibition is usually invoked to explain the irregular low firing activity observed in the cortex. We propose a robust nonlinear balancing mechanism for a random ...
Research Article
John D. Andersen, V. M. Kenkre
The quantum mechanical energy-mismatched two-state system with cubic nonlinearity in its governing equation is surprisingly rich in its dynamics and has relevance to a number of subdisciplines of ...
Research Article
Juan Gancio, Cristina Masoller et al.
Developing reliable methodologies to decode brain state information from electroencephalogram (EEG) signals is an open challenge, crucial to implementing EEG-based brain–computer interfaces (BCIs). ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Lei Chen, Yanpeng Zhu et al.
The failures of individual agents can significantly impact the functionality of associated groups in interconnected systems. To reveal these impacts, we develop a threshold model to investigate ...
Research Article
E. Rybalova, N. Nikishina et al.
We explore numerically how additive Lévy noise influences the spatiotemporal dynamics of a neural network of nonlocally coupled FitzHugh–Nagumo oscillators. Without noise, the network can exhibit ...
Research Article
Jian Gao, Changgui Gu et al.
Animal groups exhibit various captivating movement patterns, which manifest as intricate interactions among group members. Several models have been proposed to elucidate collective behaviors in ...
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