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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 4,
Issue 2,
June 2023

Focus and Coverage

Biophysics Reviews is a new journal featuring authoritative reviews and original research covering all areas of biophysics. The journal publishes research studies of high quality and comprehensive review articles of new and emerging areas of interest to the biophysics community. The journal's focus includes experimental and theoretical research of fundamental issues in biophysics in addition to the application of biophysics in other branches of science, medicine, and engineering.

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Most Recent
Review Article
Caterina Piunti, Elisa Cimetta
The importance of drug delivery for disease treatment is supported by a vast literature and increasing ongoing clinical studies. Several categories of nano-based drug delivery systems have been ...
Research Article
Sheng Li, Qiong Liu et al.
Cellular responses to pheromone in yeast can range from gene expression to morphological and physiological changes. While signaling pathways are well studied, the cell fate decision-making during ...
Review Article
Giulia M. Di Gravina, Giada Loi et al.
Two main challenges are currently present in the healthcare world, i.e., the limitations given by transplantation and the need to have available 3D in vitro models. In this context, bioreactors are ...
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