The ability of spintronic devices to utilize an electric current for manipulating the magnetization has resulted in large-scale developments, such as magnetic random access memories and boosted the spintronic research area. In this regard, over the last decade, magnetization manipulation using spin-orbit torque has been devoted a lot of research attention as it shows a great promise for future ultrafast and power efficient magnetic memories. In this review, we summarize the latest advancements in spin-orbit torque research and highlight some of the technical challenges for practical spin-orbit torque devices. We will first introduce the basic concepts and highlight the latest material choices for spin-orbit torque devices. Then, we will summarize the important advancements in the study of magnetization switching dynamics using spin-orbit torque, which are important from scientific as well as technological aspects. The final major section focuses on the concept of external assist field-free spin-orbit torque switching which is a requirement for practical spin-orbit torque devices.

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