In this paper, a demodulation method of electromagnetic wave carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) has been developed by using few electric fields sampled on an extremely small portion of the whole circumference in the radiation region. Considering that the field of the OAM wave is naturally of the form of exp ( i l φ ) in the far-field region, the matrix pencil method is used to extract the magnitude terms and the exponential terms according to the real and imaginary parts of the fields sampled on a small portion of the whole circumference, and further, the mode purities corresponding to the desirable OAM modes can be easily solved. The proposed demodulation method only uses four sampling electric fields with the sampling angle ranges of 3.3 ° and 9° to well demodulate the mode purities of the OAM waves with the single mode and the mixed dual-mode, respectively. The prototype of a dual uniform circular array with the equal divergent angle for the OAM waves of the modes l = 1 and l = 2 is fabricated and measured. Good agreement between the simulation and the measurement is observed to verify the proposed demodulation method.

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