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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 11,
Issue 1,
March 2024

Focus and Coverage

Applied Physics Reviews features significant research and reviews covering all areas of applied physics. The journal’s focus is on experimental and theoretical research alongside the application of physics to other branches of science and engineering. Review articles published in the journal provide in-depth coverage of new and emerging areas of interest to researchers interested in the physical sciences.

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Original Research
Research Article
Zhaozhao Zhu, Tiankuo Xu et al.
The topological (anti)skyrmion configurations have presented promise for versatile spintronic applications in racetrack memory, logic gates, and bio-inspired computing due to the nontrivial spin ...
Research Article
Bonan Zhu, Georg Schusteritsch et al.
Fluorite-perovskite heterointerfaces garner great interest for enhanced ionic conductivity for application in electronic and energy devices. However, the origin of observed enhanced ionic ...
Research Article
Zhigao Huang, Hanchen Shen et al.
Colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) have been recognized as promising solution-processable gain media; however, the lasers with state-of-the-art performance exclusively originate from the ...
Editor's Picks
Research Article
Mangyuan Ma, Ke Huang et al.
The evolution of skyrmion crystals encapsulates skyrmion's critical behaviors, such as nucleation, deformation, and annihilation. Here, we achieve a tunable evolution of artificial skyrmion crystals ...
Review Article
Jinho Lee, Donghwi Cho et al.
In this era of the Internet of Things, the development of innovative sensors has rapidly accelerated with that of nanotechnology to accommodate various demands for smart applications. The practical ...
Review Article
Adel Mohammed Al-Dhahebi, JinKiong Ling et al.
Electrospinning is one of the most accessed nanofabrication techniques during the last three decades, attributed to its viability for the mass production of continuous nanofibers with superior ...
Most Recent
Review Article
Mingxin Li, Xuanjie Wang et al.
By utilizing the significant amount of energy absorbed and released during their phase transitions, phase change materials (PCMs) can capture and store thermal energy to fill gaps between supply and ...
Review Article
Wooseok Choi, Ohhyuk Kwon et al.
In the age of the Internet of Things, the proliferation of edge devices has resulted in a significant increase in personal information that is susceptible to theft and counterfeiting at various ...
Review Article
Yang Yang, Zhuhang Dai et al.
The use of ocean sensors is crucial for exploration of the ocean and harnessing the potential of its resources. However, conventional ocean sensors are limited by their fabrication techniques, which ...
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