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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 1,
Issue 2,
1 June 2024

Focus and Coverage

APL Quantum publishes cutting-edge and multidisciplinary research across quantum theory and fundamentals, quantum phenomena and resources, applied quantum science, and quantum technologies. The journal aims to bridge fundamental quantum research with technological applications and embraces theoretical as well as experimental research.

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Most Recent
Jihua Zhang, Yuri Kivshar
Quantum metaphotonics has emerged as a cutting-edge subfield of meta-optics employing subwavelength resonators and their planar structures, such as metasurfaces, to generate, manipulate, and detect ...
Research Article
Jia-shun Yan, Jun Jing
We propose a scheme to entangle two magnon modes based on parity measurements. In particular, we consider a system that two yttrium-iron-garnet spheres are coupled to a V-type superconducting qutrit ...
Research Article
Shihao Ding, Shiyuan Zhao et al.
We illustrate the generation of single-mode amplitude squeezing in a distributed feedback quantum dot laser driven by a constant-current pump. Achieving broadband amplitude squeezing of 1.7 dB over a ...
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