It is of vital importance to APL Photonics and the multidisciplinary photonics community to recognize excellence in early career researchers and to hear their perspectives. To that end, APL Photonics is pleased to announce our fourth annual cohort of Early Career Editorial Advisory Board members in this editorial.

The Early Career Editorial Advisory Board appointees submitted applications to the selection committee, which was composed of members of the Editorial Advisory Board. The selection committee chose five of the many strong applicants within 10 years of their Ph.D. graduation to be invited to the Board:

Ilaria Gianani, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Dr. Ilaria Gianani is a fixed-term Assistant Professor in the Science Department at University of Roma Tre. She graduated cum laude in 2011 from Sapienza Università di Roma and then obtained her D.Phil. from the University of Oxford under Professor I. A. Walmsley’s supervision, with a...

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