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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 12,
Issue 4,
April 2024

Focus and Coverage

APL Materials is a high-impact open access journal embracing all research across materials science. The journal aims to highlight research at the forefront of the field, with particular emphasis given to high quality and timely research.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Laura Fernández-García, Sandra Ruiz-Gómez et al.
The resonant dynamic of a magnetic domain wall in a permalloy microstrip has been investigated using an innovative experimental setup that enables a simultaneous measurement of the ferromagnetic ...
Review Article
Mengjie Wang, Dan Li et al.
Gene therapy has been extensively investigated and widely used in biomedical fields, such as cancer treatment. However, the most important issues for gene therapy are stability, targeting effect, ...
Research Article
Guanyu Wang, Yadong Yang et al.
Strain sensors based on porous conductive polymers (CPCs) have garnered growing research interest for their potential applications in motion detection, healthcare, human–computer interaction, and ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Yu-Cheng Kao, Hao-Kai Peng et al.
Ferroelectric HfO2 thin film has been widely explored due to its superior characteristics, such as high switching speed, scalability, and long data retention. However, it still faces challenges in ...
Research Article
N. E. Khokhlov, A. E. Dolgikh et al.
A pair of circularly polarized laser pulses of opposite helicities are shown to control the route of spin reorientation phase transition in the rare-earth antiferromagnetic orthoferrite (Sm0.55Tb0.45...
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