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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 12,
Issue 6,
June 2024

Focus and Coverage

APL Materials is a high-impact open access journal embracing all research across materials science. The journal aims to highlight research at the forefront of the field, with particular emphasis given to high quality and timely research.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Md Sariful Sheikh, Lin Lin et al.
Perovskite SrVO3 has recently been proposed as a novel electron emission cathode material. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations suggest multiple low work function surfaces, and recent ...
Research Article
Guangming Lu, Ekhard K. H. Salje
Neuromorphic computation is based on memristors, which function equivalently to neurons in brain structures. These memristors can be made more efficient and tailored to neuromorphic devices by using ...
Research Article
Laura Fernández-García, Sandra Ruiz-Gómez et al.
The resonant dynamic of a magnetic domain wall in a permalloy microstrip has been investigated using an innovative experimental setup that enables a simultaneous measurement of the ferromagnetic ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Jiao Wang, Nan Gao et al.
This study introduces the concept of nonlocal effect into a monoatomic mass–spring periodic structure, leading to unique characteristics of dispersion curves. Through the incorporation of the second ...
Research Article
Bo Wang, Bei Han et al.
In order to ensure the flight safety of an aircraft and reduce the loss of humidity to the precision instruments and equipment in the aircraft, this study designs a small-size resonator antenna shape ...
Research Article
Tomohiro Kikuta, Sachio Komori et al.
In a ferromagnet/superconductor/ferromagnet (F/S/F) superconducting spin-valve (SSV), a change in the magnetization alignment of the two F layers modulates the critical temperature (Tc) of the S ...
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