The dominant dark current mechanisms are identified and suppressed to improve the performance of midwave infrared InAs/GaSb type-II superlattice photodiodes at high temperatures. The optimized heterojunction photodiode exhibits a quantum efficiency of 50% for 2μm thick active region without any bias dependence. At 150 K, R0A of 5100Ωcm2 and specific detectivity of 1.05×1012cmHz0.5/W are demonstrated for a 50% cutoff wavelength of 4.2μm. Assuming 300 K background temperature and 2π field of view, the performance of the detector is background limited up to 180 K, which is improved by 25°C compared to the homojunction photodiode. Infrared imaging using f/2.3 optics and an integration time of 10.02ms demonstrates a noise equivalent temperature difference of 11 mK at operating temperatures below 120 K.

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