Thermoelectric properties of lattice-matched AlInN grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition were measured and analyzed. The n-type Al0.83In0.17N alloy exhibited thermal conductivity of 4.87 W/(m K) measured by 3ω differential method. The Seebeck coefficient of n-Al0.83In0.17N was measured as 6.012×104V/K by thermal gradient method. The sheet resistivity of n-Al0.83In0.17N was measured by using Van der Pauw method, and the electrical conductivity was measured as 2.38×104/(Ωm). The thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) of n-type Al0.83In0.17N was measured as 0.532 at room temperature (T=300K). The finding indicates lattice-matched AlInN alloy on GaN as excellent material candidate for thermoelectric application.

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