The utilization of the P+-π-M-N+ photodiode architecture in conjunction with a thick active region can significantly improve long wavelength infrared type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice photodiodes. By studying the effect of the depletion region placement on the quantum efficiency in a thick structure, we achieved a topside illuminated quantum efficiency of 50% for an N-on-P diode at 8.0μm at 77 K. Both the double heterostructure design and the application of polyimide passivation greatly reduce the surface leakage, giving an R0A of 416Ωcm2 for a 1% cutoff wavelength of 10.52μm, a Shot–Johnson detectivity of 8.1×1011cmHz/W at 77 K, and a background limited operating temperature of 110 K with 300 K background.

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