We carried out nonresonant and resonant Raman spectroscopy of ZnO quantum dots with diameter of 20nm. On the basis of our measurements and comparison with a recently developed theory, we were able to clarify the origin of the observed phonon peak shifts in quantum dots as compared to bulk ZnO. It has been found that the spatial confinement of optical phonons in 20-nm-diameter dots leads to only few cm1 peak shifts. At the same time, we have demonstrated, that even a low-power ultraviolet laser excitation, required for the resonant Raman spectroscopy of ZnO, leads to strong local heating of the ZnO quantum dots, which results in very large (14cm1) redshifts of the optical phonon peaks. We have estimated from the observed redshift that the local temperature of the quantum dot ensemble is about 700°C. The obtained results are important for identification of phonon peaks in the Raman spectra of ZnO nanostructures.

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