In digital holography, extracting the +1-order spectrum accurately and making full utilization of the spatial bandwidth of the CCD sensor are essential for high-resolution and artifacts-free quantitative phase imaging. In this paper, using the light intensity symmetry of the Gaussian laser beam, we delicately eliminate the zero-order spectrum by means of subtraction of two off-axis hologram spectra acquired by symmetrically deflecting the reference beam. Therefore, the +1-order spectrum can be extracted accurately even if it is completely overlapped with the zero-order spectrum. Compared with phase-shifting methods, such as pi-phase and random phase, which require accurate control or calculation of the phase-shifting amount, this proposed method does not need to precisely control the deflection angle of reference beam. Being achievable the maximum utilization of half-space bandwidth of the CCD sensor, the proposed method has realized high-resolution imaging demonstrated by the experimental results of three specimens. This method has general applications in digital holography, such as eliminating the zero-order spectrum and extracting the +1-order spectrum.

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