Background carbon (C) impurity incorporation in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) grown gallium nitride (GaN) represents one of the major issues in further improving GaN vertical power device performance. This work presents a laser-assisted MOCVD (LA-MOCVD) technique to address the high-C issue in MOCVD homoepitaxial GaN under different growth rate (Rg) regimes and studies the correlations between [C] and Rg. [C] in LA-MOCVD GaN is reduced by 50%–90% as compared to the conventional MOCVD GaN for a wide growth rate range between 1 and 16 μm/h. A mass-transport based model is developed to understand the C incorporation at different Rg regimes. The results obtained from the developed model are in good agreement with experimental data. The model further reveals that LA-MOCVD effectively suppresses C incorporation by reducing the active C species in the gas phase. Moreover, high step velocity in step flow growth mode can facilitate C incorporation at fast Rg, exhibiting steeper C increase. The theoretical model indicates that [C] can be suppressed below 1016 cm−3 with a fast growth rate (Rg) of 10 μm/h by utilizing higher power LA-MOCVD and freestanding GaN substrates with larger off-cut angles.

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