The metal-semiconductor direct current triboelectric nanogenerator (MSDC-TENG) has attracted increasing attention due to its power density, which is 102−103 times higher than traditional generators. A P-type GaN based MSDC-TENG with a tin electrode is reported in this paper. By adjusting the Mg2+ doping concentration of the P-GaN, it can achieve an open circuit voltage (Voc) of 14.2 V and a short circuit current (Isc) density of ∼25.5 A/m2. This Isc is about 50 times higher than the performance of the Cu/GaN Triboelectric Nanogenerator, and the power density increases by more than 120 times. Under the experimental loading conditions, we also obtained the maximum load current density and the maximum load power of 12.8 and 102.4 W/m2, respectively. This power density is sufficient to drive small electronic circuits. Our results also provide useful insights into the carrier concentration-Isc relation in the Cu/GaN triboelectric nanogenerator.

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