It has been reported that the output performance of a triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) can be enhanced by applying light; however, the coupling mechanism between photogenerated carriers and triboelectric charges is still not well explained. Here, we propose a light-enhanced TENG based on a P3HT:PC61BM active blend layer, which processes dual functions of the photoelectric effect and the triboelectric effect. The open-circuit voltage, short circuit current, and amount of transferred charges for the TENG were enhanced by 63%, 76%, and 127%, respectively, after illumination under the white light condition. Moreover, we have investigated the interaction between the triboelectric charges and the photogenerated carriers to further explore the coupling mechanism between the triboelectric and photoelectric effects. Both Kelvin probe force microscopy and conductive atomic force microscopy demonstrate that the photogenerated carriers produced by the P3HT:PC61BM active blend layer can improve the surface triboelectric charge density. More interestingly, the transient absorption spectrum indicates that the electrostatic field induced by triboelectric charges contributes to the dissociation of excitons. In other words, there exists a beneficial promoting effect between the triboelectric charges and the photogenerated carriers during the operation of the light-enhanced TENG. This work provides an important guideline for the design and performance improvement of the hybrid TENG that captures both mechanical energy and light energy simultaneously.

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