Magnetic chiral skyrmion bubbles and achiral bubbles are two independent magnetic domain structures, in which the former with an equivalent winding number to skyrmions offer great promise as information carriers for further spintronic devices. Here, in this work, we experimentally investigate the generation and annihilation of magnetic chiral skyrmion bubbles and achiral bubbles in the Mn–Ni–Ga thin plate by using Lorentz transmission electron microscopy (L-TEM). The two independent magnetic domain structures can be directly controlled after field cooling manipulation by varying the titled angles of external magnetic fields. By imaging the magnetization reversal with increasing temperature, we found an extraordinary annihilation mode of magnetic chiral skyrmion bubbles and a non-linear frequency for the winding number reversal. The quantitative analysis of such dynamics was performed by using L-TEM to directly determine the barrier energy for the magnetization reversal of magnetic chiral skyrmion bubbles.

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