We investigate symmetry-protected topological water waves within a strategically engineered square lattice system. Thus far, symmetry-protected topological modes in hexagonal systems have primarily been studied in electromagnetism and acoustics, i.e., dispersionless media. Herein, we show experimentally how crucial geometrical properties of square structures allow for topological transport that is ordinarily forbidden within conventional hexagonal structures. We perform numerical simulations that take into account the inherent dispersion within water waves and devise a topological insulator that supports symmetry-protected transport along the domain walls. Our measurements, viewed using a high-speed camera under stroboscopic illumination, unambiguously demonstrate the valley-locked transport of water waves within a non-hexagonal structure. Due to the tunability of the energy's directionality by geometry, our results could be used for developing highly efficient energy harvesters, filters, and beam-splitters within dispersive media.

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